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Traveling with Your Four Legged Companion

Before taking a trip with your pet, here are several things to consider. First, your pet should be healthy. Travel can be taxing and your pet should be in good health to deal with new or stressful situations. If you plan to travel to another country or travel by air, vaccinations are usually required.

When traveling by air a crate is needed. In addition to being safer for all travelers this will help the pet feel more secure. It is very important that the crate be the proper size for your pet. If there is too much room the pet may slide around and be injured. A crate with too little room a pet could be hurt from lack of space. Crates also protect pets on long car trips. On a car trip make sure to buckle the crate to the seat for safety. In either case it is helpful if your pet is accustomed to the crate.

There are other options to secure your pet in a car such as pet seat belts. These usually are for dogs. Besides safety during travel, crates and seatbelts also help keep a pet safe when exiting and entering a car. Controlling your pet can be difficult when they are scared or upset. Cats in particular benefit greatly from being kept in a crate during travel since they are so adept at escaping. Travel crates should be free of other items during travel. Leashes and other objects may get in the way and can tangle causing problems.

Before traveling make sure your pet has all its ID tags, in case of separation. If traveling by car, you may want to consult your vet about giving your pet sedatives, if you know they have a difficult time traveling. If traveling by plane, however, your pet should not be sedated, as it will need to be alert throughout the journey to care and protect itself. Be well prepared for the trip. Bring plenty of supplies, treats, food, blankets, etc. for your pet. Also know where you and your pet will stay during the journey. Make sure your accommodations allow pets. (Comment courtesy of