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Basic Cat Care

Cats are unique animals and there are particular concerns that relate specifically to cats health and well being. Diet is a good place to start. Cats are carnivores; their diet is not as adaptable as some other animals. A meat diet is required for a healthy cat. Taurine is a nutrient found in meat that is necessary for cats. If deprived of taurine a cat will lose its eyesight. A quality cat food will lead to a healthier happier cat. While cats can eat grass as a digestive aid or other cat specific supplements, overall it is best not to give cats non-meat foods or table scraps.

There are also specific items that cats should never ingest. Aspirin should never be given to a cat as it can be lethal. Make sure any medication, particularly pain medication, is approved by your vet before administering as some medications that are okay for dogs or people are toxic for cats. Keep cats and all other pets away from anti-freeze. This too is a toxic substance for all animals. Finally, be careful of indoor plants. Some cats find plants quite enticing. Many plants can cause stomach and digestion problems, and others can be even more dangerous.

It is also safest if cats are kept indoors. Indoor cats have much longer healthier lives than outdoor cats. There are numerous safety and health dangers associated with cats being outdoors. While some feel that indoor cats will be bored and unsatisfied, in actuality a cat that is kept indoors from kitten-hood will rarely show significant interest in actually going outside. Window perches and screened in porches can often satisfy that interest in the outdoors. This along with toys, indoor play, and exercise, leads to a happy, satisfied and safe cat.

Finally, as with any pet, routine veterinary care is needed. Vaccinations and an annual physical check up helps keep cats healthy. Also, catching health problems early is one of the best ways to keep minor problems from becoming major problems. Similarly, being aware of some that risks and concerns that cats face can prevent issues from arising. (Comments courtesy